DATALEAD proposes a support around various DBMS (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase etc.) during all the phases of project and exploitation , our support affects the conception, the evolution, the optimization and the security of your databases.
Our customers often require councils, they need experience and a clear vision on their projects, not simply the reference documentation.
We supply a contract of support wich will allow you to work with our consultants on any task or question whether proof readings of conceptions or detailed explanations.
In conclusion, all our supplied services include a part of transfer of knowledge, so that our customers can then apply what we made together and have full control over their whole projects processes.


DATALEAD offers a flat-rate and full management DBMS service (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, etc.) provided for a lower load to an internally DBA or broad interest allowance: A continual support 100% inclusive of databases administration, DBMS experts support in case of requirement or difficulty including response time commitments, DBMS experts continuous preventive monitoring , 24/7 monitoring tools, annual guidance hours proposed to consider all complaints outside the administration periphery.


Every firm has lists of Big Data initiatives they want to accomplish. DataLead helps you prioritize and plan their implementation while considering business impact, existing data, used technology and needed skills. We can help you make the difficult technology decisions required to develop the right Big Data architecture and roadmap and overall plan to support your business goals. Teaming up with DataLead ensures your entreprise the establishment of the right Big Data infrastructure and capabilities over time to scale effectively.
Whatever is your profile within your company DataLead assures you a strategic support to well exploit the bigdata technology.

For the Bigdata engineers:

Discover how a company mass of data will allow you to absorb this flow of data and to transform effectively your data into relevant information. The whole workflow for a clearly less important budget than you thought, while continuing to run your existing infrastructure of data management for your essential applications.

For the executive managers:

Discover in which way a mass of company’s data can create a business value. Take Maximum benefit from your data, while exploiting your infrastructure and your existing practices, by meeting the requirements of conformity and by reducing the costs.

For the IT managers:

Build a strategy of data management on the scale of the company, adopt a pragmatic and proven method of implementation of Hadoop to take care of a wide choice of projects, while improving your operating efficiency.


Proactive and reactive monitoring, continuous capacity building, failures screening, ability planning, according, support during the exploitation: developing the quality, availability and performance of your Oracle environments with proper supervision, simple to diffuse and fully configurable.

IT supervision will:
• Ensure the availability of installed components (system, database, application)
• Increase alerts to initiate proactive actions, environments management operations, production incidents treatment